Ctex Textile Machines for all Applications
Principals 3

OMR - The winding experts with Winding Machines semi and fully automatic for braiding bobbins for both Textile and Wire yarn.
Sewing thread winding Machines with cones and king spools also technical yarns.
Pirn and Quill winders for shuttle loom pirns/quills.
Also supply the plastic braiding spools.

STEEGER - HIGH-PERFORMANCE BRAIDERS which are the result of decades of experience and development are manufactured to a corresponding high standard of quality.
The comprehensive and diverse STEEGER product range is tailor-made to meet the requirements of a variety of different applications.
Since 1872 Steeger have being manufacturing Braiding Machines for textile and wire for all applications such as Medical sutures, cable and hose ,coaxial cable,fibre glass sleeves and all Technical aerospace and automotive.
ANTONLUIGI CASTIGLIONI SAS - Established in 1863 family company

Manufacturer of complete Jacquard harnesses for all types of looms and jacquard machines as well as individual components including cords, cumber boards, hooks, healds and springs.Jacquard Design service.

A reliable and high quality product.
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